Even though you don’t live in the same house, or maybe even the same hemisphere, doesn’t mean that you can’t make and maintain meaningful connections and stay connected with your beloved. There are many reasons couples might find themselves living apart. Perhaps you’re married but working in different cities, or you’re dating long-distance while attending different schools. Distance can be challenging, but with some creativity and effort, you can avoid relationship problems and keep your bond strong.

Tips for Avoiding Relationship Problems When You’re Far Apart

Here are some ideas on how to make your special person feel loved from afar.

Virtual dinner date

Plan a virtual dinner date with your beloved, no matter where you are. Order takeout or prepare a special meal for your virtual date. Prepare the same recipe in your respective homes and cook together over a video call or order the same takeout and enjoy a synchronized dining experience.

Set the mood by lighting candles and dressing up, even if it’s just from the waist up, to create a special atmosphere. Enjoy heartfelt conversations and shared laughter. If you’re in different time zones, adapt your plans to a virtual coffee date instead.

Online games night

Select a game or series of games you can both play virtually. This could range from an online board game to a video game that allows for cooperative play on separate devices. Maintain a voice call or video chat during gameplay and continue the conversation even after the competitive spirit wears off.

Virtual movie night

Choose a new release, romantic comedy, or classic film and plan a virtual movie night. Embrace screen-sharing technology to ensure you’re watching in sync. Buy your favorite snacks and ask your honey to do the same. Maintain a video or voice chat throughout the movie to share your thoughts and reactions. This is a great way to unwind with your loved one, even if they are not physically present.

Watch a sunset/sunrise

Experience the beauty of nature together by watching either the sunset or sunrise together. Share the experience over a phone call and describe the beauty and colors of the sky. If your time zones don’t align for watching a sunrise or sunset, admire the moon together. Gazing at the moon while chatting can be a romantic and calming way to feel connected despite the distance between you.

Send a care package

Send a care package to your beloved to show your affection. Include an article of your clothing, a printed photo of a special moment you have shared, or items for a future virtual date night such as a special candle or favorite snack. Take turns writing letters or emails to each other, sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Share a book

Choose a book you will both enjoy and read it together on the phone at night or individually and discuss it later. Choose from a fun fictional story or even a book in the Bible that you want to study together. It’s a great way to connect on an intellectual and spiritual level.

Virtual travel

While physical travel may not be an option, you can surf the web together. Plan a virtual vacation! Chat on the phone while you exchange links to interactive museum exhibits and other virtual worlds. Enjoy some of Earth’s most amazing landmarks and wonders from the comfort of your home while enjoying time with your partner.

Get matching accessories

Getting matching accessories with your partner can make you feel connected, even when you’re apart. Whether you decide on matching bracelets, necklaces, rings, or watches, wearing these matching accessories will serve as a constant reminder of your bond with each other.

Choose accessories that have special symbolism or represent a shared interest or memory. Send photos of yourself wearing the accessory to your partner throughout the day to show them that they are a part of your daily life.

Make a playlist

Create a shared playlist with your partner including songs that remind you of each other and those that hold special meaning in your relationship. Add new tracks that you want your partner to listen to or songs of encouragement during challenging times. Sharing music is a powerful way to stay connected and express emotion even from afar.

Adopt a virtual pet

Adopting a virtual pet with your partner is not only a fun way to nurture your bond but also develops a sense of shared responsibility. Decide if you want to adopt a digital dog, cat, or other critter. Setting up a schedule for feeding, grooming, and playing with your virtual companion can mimic the care routine of a real pet.

This lighthearted activity helps you stay connected and practice caregiving as a couple, which can be especially valuable if you are considering having children or a real pet together in the future.

Whether you live in the same house or across the world from your significant other, you can still make deliberate, meaningful connections. The most important thing is to carve out some quality time for each other. This is vital, even if you’re separated by time or miles. It shows your partner that you care and want to keep the connection strong.

Additionally, seeking the help of a professional therapist together can be beneficial to the relationship and can be done virtually. A virtual couple’s therapist in California can help you work through your relationship problems, improve communication skills, and address any other challenges. Contact our office at Westlake Christian Counseling to find out more about online couples therapy.

“Train Tracks”, Courtesy of Irina Iriser, Unsplash.com, CC0 License