No one wants the label of “cast off,” however many children, adults, and senior citizens face abandonment and neglect every day. These issues range from a parent abandoning their child with relatives or strangers to an elderly woman with no one who wants to claim the responsibility of caring for her. Abandonment and neglect are also issues spouses can experience when one partner refuses to meet the needs of the other (examples: food, shelter, finances, medical care, etc.) or the partner withdraws emotionally.

Neglect is sometimes difficult to identify. Children with a history of abandonment and neglect issues can develop emotional disorders as adults and have trouble building healthy relationships. Trust is a fragile thing. The good news is that God is the One we can learn to lean on and trust with every area of our lives.

At Westlake Christian Counseling in California, we work with victims of all ages through abandonment and neglect issues and help them to find victory through Jesus Christ. We combine our faith with proven psychological therapy to move you to a place of healing and peace.

What you can expect from Christian counseling in Westlake:

  • A confidential setting
  • Personalized therapy sessions
  • The use of proven scientific methods in psychology
  • A stronger reliance on faith
  • The ability and confidence to build new and lasting relationships
  • The grace to forgive others as well as yourself
  • A mental health care professional who will take your anxieties, fears, and hurts seriously
  • A therapist who will share in your victories while you heal

Westlake Christian Counseling offers one-on-one therapy sessions as well as group therapy. When necessary, you can also use our online support. We know that God is love and that He will never leave you. You can trust us to be there for you during treatment and beyond.