Codependency feeds off dysfunctional relationships. It can form between spouses in a marriage, couples dating, or in a parent-child relationship. A person in a codependent relationship may find they are looking for approval, love, validation, and self-worth from an emotionally unavailable partner. This leads to one person in the relationship controlling the other person.

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We know at Westlake Christian Counseling in California, that our heavenly Father seeks a personal relationship with us without all the strings attached. He loves us where we are and makes us new creatures in Him – a concept the secular world cannot quite grasp.

You might be in a codependent relationship if you exhibit any of these symptoms:

  • You fear to disappoint the other person or to say “no.”
  • You lack boundaries in the relationship.
  • The other person controls your basic needs such as shelter, water, food, and medical care.
  • The other person withholds basic needs from you until you comply.
  • You feel like you are the only person who can “fix” your partner.
  • You try and try, but you are falling into a trap of anxiety and depression.
  • The relationship lacks healthy communication.
  • The other person reacts with anger when you question them.
  • You worry about what others are thinking or saying about you.
  • You take comments and actions personally.

Unfortunately, you can find yourself on either side of the codependent relationship, but we can help you learn how to reset those boundaries with love and grace. You are worth more than rubies and gold. You are precious in the eyes of your heavenly Father and He wants you to not live in fear.

At Westlake Christian Counseling, we offer therapy sessions geared towards you and your unique situation. You can trust us to lead you closer to Jesus Christ to find healing and hope.

Get connected with a Christian Counselor
Please contact our reception team at
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