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We offer faith-based therapeutic treatment for anxiety that will help you overcome the symptoms of anxiety you’re experiencing and help you live the life you desire, with God’s help.

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Types of Anxiety Disorders

As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power,” and so learning and knowing about the anxiety you are experiencing can help in the healing process.Anxiety disorders come in several shapes and sizes.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) experience chronic, excessive, and disproportionate anxiety. The anxiety can come from almost any source. Those who suffer from GAD find themselves in a perpetual state of anxiety. In the U.S., GAD affects close to 4 million people each year, making it one of the most common anxiety disorders. Christian counseling for anxiety can effectively teach you to control your anxiety as you learn to recognize and re-direct stressful thoughts.

Social Anxiety Disorder

The typical person would most likely be glad to be invited to a party where they would get to dress up, meet new people, and talk with friends. For someone with Social Anxiety Disorder, however, this would be a nightmare. Even before the party, they would worry about what they would wear, what others might think of them, whether they would say something awkward, or whether they might just freeze up, unable to say anything at all.

People suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder will worry that they are being judged, struggle to talk to relative strangers, and wrestle with inferiority. Social situations induce panic symptoms. Christian counseling for anxiety helps them learn to better manage their symptoms so that they can enjoy life, acquire confidence, and build friendships.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) produces consistent, unwelcome thoughts that can only be stopped by some specific action. Someone struggling with OCD may, for example, worry about turning off the stove. To stop the worry, they have to check and recheck the stove before they go to sleep at night.

Common compulsions include things like counting, checking, washing, cleaning, putting things in order, following a set and strict routine, or anything similar. The need to surrender to the compulsion can seem impossible to overcome. Often, when an OCD sufferer tries to resist the compulsion, they can actually make the condition worse.

Regardless of its severity, any OCD sufferer could be helped by Christian counseling. Depending on the severity, some cases may need both medication and counseling. Your counselor can help you decide which treatment options may be right for you. Imagine a life free from unwelcome compulsions. Christian counseling for OCD can help you get free from the vicious cycle and regain control over your life.

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Panic Disorder

If you have frequent panic attacks, you might be suffering from Panic Disorder. The symptoms of a panic attack can resemble those of a heart attack and for that reason, panic attacks are often mistaken for a heart attack.

A feeling of intense dread or impending doom can accompany panic attacks, and the attacks can come at any time. While at times there may be an obvious trigger, at other times panic attacks can appear out of the blue. Christian counseling for panic disorders teaches you to control your anxiety during a panic attack, enabling you to decrease their frequency with the goal of preventing them before they start.

Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding is a type of anxiety disorder that produces a desire to acquire things. Hoarders become obsessed with their things and experience intense anxiety when required to give them up. Hoarding Disorder can cause a person to pile up so much stuff that it begins to interfere with their home life. They may be unable to make use of furniture, cook meals, or even sleep in their beds because mountains of things that they can’t bring themselves to discard dominate the home.

Hoarders collect all sorts of different things such as papers, magazines, dolls, or even animals. Hoarders often need to find something they can control or fear loss. Depression, difficulty with decision-making, and eating disorders often manifest alongside Hoarding Disorder. If you or a loved one are a hoarder, get help right away. Hoarding Disorder produces extreme anxiety, obstructs hygiene, damages physical health, and typically alienates the hoarder from people that they love. Christian counseling can help you identify your condition, get to the root of what brought it on, and help you regain control.

Christian Counseling for Anxiety

If you suspect that you or someone you love might be suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder, contact us today or visit the counselor directory to schedule an appointment. It would be our pleasure to walk with you on the path to freedom, joy, and peace.

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